Hi, my name's Ilan. I'm a travel expert, self-taught photographer and last year I turned 40.

Why's that important? Because I've always had a thing about birthdays. They make you think about what you've accomplished already, and what you really want to do going forward.

Last year, as I was nearing my 40th birthday, I knew it was going to be an especially difficult one. So instead of sitting and complaining about entering a new decade, I decided to make it the most amazing year ever!

I set myself a global challenge: To visit as many countries as possible in 52 weeks, for less than the cost of staying at home.

With just a small carry-on, and a backpack filled with camera equipment, I set out to explore the world. From Rome to Singapore, South Africa to New Zealand, I visited so many incredible places, and took over 100,000 photos along the way.

What started out as a personal project, soon became much more. Everywhere I went, people kept telling me how much they wish they could travel too, and asked me how I can afford to travel like this. Which got me thinking just how much I've learned over the years, and how great it will be to help others realize their travel dreams as well.

So wherever you live, whatever you work in, and however old you are, I hope my photos and travel tips inspire you to dream big and go further and farther than you ever thought possible. Bon voyage!

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